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cryptocurrency games, I've been attempting to come up with a method to clarify for you, the forthcoming possible AMC, backward stock split I'm concerned for all of my subscribers, Now, some of you come here to stir up controversy and aren't actually AMC apes; instead, However, it is up to all genuine AMC Apes subscribers to act on this warning I'm attempting to come up with ways to explain the reverse stock split to you that Adam Aaron is putting forth, So I bought these, Okay, ten dollars right now and uh, I have them possession, All of my 10 dollars I have 10 dollars here


They are mine; they are worth 10 dollars


It's a lot like your AMC stock, If you possess ten shares of AMC, in the form of these ten dollars, Okay, they want to take 90% of them away from you Considering what the apes used to say, The apes would invariably say, I won't be selling, Diamond Handing here I will not market any of my, AMC shares Not even one share will I sell, until the share price reaches $1,000, or ten thousand dollars for certain I won't sell a single stake, As you all have stated, Everyone has heard it, right, in order for the hedge funds to hear you, okay,


Adam Aaron is now employed by the hedge funds after hearing your comment

Hedge funds were informed you, They must devise a strategy to overcome you, they are aware that you won't agree to their pricing, You possess those shares You put forth a lot of effort, to conserve funds, to invest in such shares each week, once a month, You purchased those shares You developed them, you're happy with your, shares, perhaps you have a 100 shares, Possibly, you own 1,000 shares Who knows, maybe you have more Possibly, you only possess 10 shares whose to say but, 10 shares are what we're going to discuss here so you can comprehend in the form of these ten dollars,



You promised not to sell fairly, In any case, Adam Aaron and the hedge firms collaborated, they understand you won't sell Since you won't sell, they'll take them from you They intend to them away from you, They intend to rob you It's not unlawful in a legal sense, It is lawful, how they intend to carry it out, They intend to rob you employing the law, They intend to rob you they intend to take, 90 shares of yours, Okay, so you currently have your 10 dollars and 10 share in a way They're going to appear and they'll be like one, two, three I'm grateful,






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