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today's plays I want to talk to you about the AMC stock We possess more, great news, to report for AMC with the weekend's success of Avatar, they made domestic sales of 134 million, and 435 million worldwide this past weekend, Consequently, this is very good news We had many of attendees, a lot of money is flowing into, AMC\sCorporation, the moment, Moreover, bear in mind well, the debt having AMC, is being diminished, every three months, and Adam Aaron recently claimed that the debt was once more lowered in this Q4 So let's look at the avatar here for a little bit The Waterway's Way,


it starts off strongly,

Food and beverage prices, global revenue, and emissions all increased dramatically from the previous year weekend in 2019 before the epidemic, which Jumanji presided over, This is a big opening, I suppose a significant opening weekend that we can genuinely rejoice in, And now for some excellent news, specifically for AMC: Avatar: The Way of the Water has brought in more than 70% of its total income originated from the AMC 3D IMAX, AMC offers Prime and Dolby Cinema, the business said that the film also played, high weekend sales abroad, particularly, this Saturday When AMC's Odeon Cinemas had a single day with the highest admissions and food and beverage income,


in 2022, Friends, that is very fantastic and inspiring. Adam Aaron reported that he saw the film twice over the weekend and that he thoroughly enjoyed it

an extended film, so if you go, Ensure you pack snacks and um, Additionally, while there, purchase some munchies like popcorn so that you're protected, You have more supplies for three hours, um, What more information can I provide you with AMC reported that the sale of its AMC preferred Equity had raised around 162 million, He mentioned that, since he used it to decrease the debt here in Q4,


Ah, then, let's see what else we have Yes, the corporation claims,

By repurchasing roughly 36 million in principle debt, the balance sheet was strengthened at a 61 percent average discount, bringing the fourth quarter's overall principal debt reduction to around 107 million, total reduction in primary debt for 2022 of about 180 million, AMC has therefore lowered their debt by 180 million dollars in 2022 and they anticipate having money by, 31st December, 725 million to 825 million USD, approximately liquidity, and another thing I want to mention is that is this film, a watery route, had a very successful first weekend, however, it'll keep going strong


There isn't much rivalry in the movie industry People are going to truly support this movie and they're going to

they're going to leave and watch it, it received favourable reviews, Consequently, viewers will be eager to see it The Dark Knight, a sleeper that I mentioned in one of my earlier videos, is the other in just over a month in Q4 We will have the release in roughly one week two Puss in Boots, Puss in Boots took first place when it first debuted with a 500 million dollar global take and that was over twenty years ago so consider inflation and current ticket prices,


besides that, and

there are more people now, thus I'm forecasting, also that Puss in Boots, will bring in one billion dollars globally, and this will be included in Q4 results along with the $1 billion that, a watery route, is likely to make, AMC will therefore have a significant cash pull in Q4 2022, as well as remember, Wakanda always, also, Black Adam's revenue is included in Q4 It's incredible that AMC Q4 will bring in tremendous results and that we will achieve positive earnings per share, Look into the fact that our ebit will be quite strong before interest and taxes


look at how strong it has been recently, AMC has now had three consecutive successful quarters, which will soon become four, We have a

many victories, We're releasing the AMC credit card right now It's wonderful news that popcorn will be available in stores starting in 2020, third quarter also fantastic news, The CEO is performing admirably, Currently, the stock is declining and the market as a whole such that the stock is being driven lower together with the market as a whole and the shorts are acting as usual, but, surprise! the circumstances are actually ideal for a quick squeeze, as a result of the current cheap prices,


the quick, The shorts must be covered, and

appear really ravenous to cover, because they are aware of the low prices, and they are aware that they must cover; given the cheap costs, this may be their only opportunity to do so So, like I mentioned in my prior video, keep an eye out for those volume surges keep an eye out for those volume spikes because Friends, AMC is going to run and it will happen shortly Please click the like button click "subscribe" in the very end, send a friend a link to the video, I admire each of you wonderful night